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The Gay troff Club Community!

Welcome to the troff Club community home page. Prepare to take your first step into the world of gay troffs, gay cubs, grizzly troffs, polar troffs and all types of hairy, hunky men from the United States and the rest of the world.

troff Club offers you your own personal hot link to our bulletin boards and chat rooms. All of this is totally free for all members.

However, we want to be sure everyone feels welcome and are happy to be here on the site and participating. So, we have created a few rules for everyone to follow.

Like any community, we have standards. We do not allow anyone to FLAME or otherwise abuse any of our members. Hold your tongue unless you are on your knees!

Chats and posts of a sexually explicit nature are not only tolerated they are encouraged. We want you to get down and dirty. Tell us your dirtiest secrets and we will tell you ours. Share with us your latest troff conquests. Show us some photos of the hot cub you just banged. Dazzle us with steam stories of your trip to San Francisco and the troff scene in the area.

Being mean or lecturing any members of the community is not allowed.

Come inside our Forum boards and chat rooms and get ready for a great ride! Get ready to experience everything you ever wanted to know about the gay troff and cub community.

Message Center Membership:

Browse access to the forums is a free benefit of troff Club membership. Post access is a privilege granted to like-minded troff Club members supportive of hot burly men who love fucking and sucking each other and those that love them. troff Club membership is a necessary but not sufficient condition for Message Center post privileges. Post access is contingent upon sharing the Message Center Mission and observing the Covenant and the Code of Conduct. Publicly demonstrated member conduct, prior to joining troff Club that establishes a history of egregious conduct or chronically problematic behavior may be considered in the determination of granting Message Center post access.

Failure to observe the Covenant or the Code of Conduct shall constitute cause for termination of Message Center post privileges. Egregious member conduct in external forums may give cause for troff Club Message Center post-access privileges to be reviewed and revoked at troff Club’s Management discretion. Forum shopping to violate troff Club member privacy will not be tolerated. Termination of post privileges shall in no way affect the status of troff Club Site Membership, which shall remain in good standing with all other benefits intact.

The determination of violations is the sole purview of the troff Club Management. Message Center post privileges may be terminated without prior notice at the discretion of the Management.


The troff Club Management takes very seriously the privacy of its members and recognizes the desire and in many cases the need for discretion. Personal information that can be used to identify a member, a member shall not be permitted. No member shall publish or cause to be published such personal information. A violation of the Covenant shall be cause for immediate termination of Forum privileges.

Personal information is any information that identifies a person or his/her residence or place of employment and includes but is not necessarily limited to:

- first and last name

- residential or business address

- phone number

- Social Security number

- credit card number

- e-mail address

- Photos of subject or subject's family/friends/pets/place of residence or employment/study, automobile*, or auto license plate.

- IP address.

Exception: A member may choose to disclose his/her first name in 'signing' his/her posts. Under that circumstance, usage of a first name to address or refer to that member shall not be deemed a violation of the Covenant. Without public announcement by the individual, such first name usage shall be considered a violation of the Covenant and Code of Conduct.

* Under circumstances where some unusual aspect of the automobile would make it readily identifiable.

In all instances, troff Club management shall be the final arbiter of what constitutes personal information.

Code of Conduct:

troff Club membership is restricted to Adults Only. That Message Center members shall be expected to behave as adults is not an undue burden. The expected conduct standard for the troff Club forums is the same as that observed everyday in society by adults in our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. It is based on straightforward mature behavior, civility and courtesy that you find in a neighborhood Pub or Tavern where neighbors and acquaintances joined by occasional strangers come together to socialize in good temper, to share conversation, and to hoist, in moderation, a glass of favorite beer or wine or a cup of coffee or tea.

These forums are NOT presented for abusive arguing and name calling, score settling, thread stalking, or general cyberspace blood sport for the chronically bored.

As in any Pub or Tavern, an egregiously abusive or chronically problematic customer (member) shall be banned from further post participation.

In all instances, troff Club management shall be the final arbiter of what constitutes egregiously abusive conduct or when a member has crossed the line of 'chronically problematic'.

In general, terminated memberships shall not be eligible for reinstatement.


Welcome to the troff Club Message Center. We hope that you will find your time in attendance pleasant, informative, and from time to time maybe even a little fun. Share your experiences, comments, and questions with members of like-minded interests or with some hot troffs and cubs. The Message Center is what you make of it. We hope it is put too good and effective use. Thanks for coming in. The floor is yours.

Thank you,
The gay troff Club Management Team – We are gay troff owned and operated!


You must be 18 YEARS of AGE or OLDER to ENTER this site. By choosing AGREE below, you acknowledge that:

You are at least 18 years of age or the appropriate legal age in your community. This site is not intended to be viewed by minors. If minors have access to your computer, please use one of the following programs to prevent them from accessing the site: Net Nanny, Surf Watch, Cyber Patrol, Cyber Sitter or similar program to monitor and restrict use by minors.

This site may contain content and materials that are of a graphic and/or sexual nature. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) years and/or find this type of content and material offensive and/or if it is considered a violation of the decency standards in your community, you are directed to leave this site immediately. Your use of this site is conditioned upon your express agreement with the "terms of use and conditions" set forth for the use of this site and if you choose to enter this site, you will be agreeing to be so bound by such terms of us, provisions and conditions. To view the terms of use, provisions and conditions, click here. BY CLICKING "I AGREE" BELOW, YOU AGREE BY SWORN DECLARATION SUBJECT TO THE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES ACT THAT YOU ARE OVER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN (18). A FALSE DECLARATION IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE PURSUANT TO 28 U.S.C. § 1746.

You wish to view gay (homosexual) and sexually explicit materials.

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You take full responsibility for any and all communications with people on this site.

You are not from a government agency or any organization seeking to obtain any information to use against the site operator, advertiser, or any person connected to this site in any way.

You agree that your use of this site is at the sole discretion of the management. We maintain the right to remove any image, profile, post, or comment at any time without explanation and to deny anyone the ability to post profiles, photos or messages on this site for any reason whatsoever.


If you DO NOT agree to ALL of the above, please leave this site and do not return.