Here at Gay Guides, we’ve had plenty of articles about new and out-of-the-way cities where you can be a happy and horny homo. We’ve told you about up and cumming cool gay hotspots. But, we just realized the other day that we’ve never done a guide to the most classic gaycation spot of all – Bangkok.

This cannot stand! When it comes to sex and sin and boys who will let you in, Bangkok is the place to be. As the famous song says, “One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.”

You can have more fabulous fun in Bangkok than in nearly any other city on earth. And if you get bored in Bangkok, you can always head out into the country, sample other cities, or just hit the beach.

But getting bored here would be hard. Between go-go bars, saunas, cabaret shows, traditional gay bars, and sexy boys left and right, you’ll want to get your gay on in Bangkok for weeks.

Plus there are beautiful temples, palaces, markets and cityscapes that will keep you more than entertained.

There is a reason why so many gay travelers go to Bangkok every year and if you’ve yet to go, hop on a plane now and be ready to ride the boys of your life. To truly describe the entire gay travel life of Bangkok would take a novel and we know you have a short attention span, so, my horny homos, turgid twinks and studly tops, let’s just take a brief tour of the eighth wonder of the world – Gay Bangkok.

Getting Started With Gay Bangkok

You can find gay nightlife and boys pretty much anywhere in the city, but if you are new in town you’ll want to start out somewhere where it’s easy, sleazy and the guys are used to Westerners trying to get their dicks wet.

So, start out on Silom Road. Here you’ll find plenty of fellow gays, and the bars and restaurants that cater to them. Fully expect to see tons of middle-aged Western dudes with considerably younger boys. That’s how you’ll know you’ve arrived.

Bangkok Boy Toys

If you are like us, the main reason to hit Bangkok is to hit the boy toys. Whether you want slim young twinks, muscle boys, or ladyboys you’ll have no problem finding what you are looking for in Bangkok.

Your best bet is to hit up any of the vast number of go-go bars in Bangkok. As the shirtless boys move down the catwalk, each will have a number on their shorts. If you are interested in one, you then simply have to let the bar manager know.

You’ll have to buy the boy a drink or two, and pay a fee to the bar in addition to what you’ll pay the boy to come back to your hotel with you. Overall it won’t be that much money – you should be able to pull it off for less than $80, a fine price for a fine piece of ass.

One important thing – when bopping from gay bar to gay bar, ignore the touts who are trying to steer you to out of the way bars. They may be actually trying to mug you. It’s far easier to just wander around and find the go-go bars on your own. There are many of them here, and it won’t be hard to find them.

If go-go bars are too loud for your liking but you still want to pay for gay, then hit the saunas. You’ll find tons of rent boys working them. And, you may not even need to pay for one.

Many young Thai guys considered older American men to be very sexy, so they may let you fuck their brains out for free. But they are often poor, so offering to buy them a meal or slipping them a little money is not a bad idea if you are feeling generous after a nice fuck.

You should also know that ladyboys don’t consider themselves either men or women. They are considered a member of a “third gender.” When it comes to them, you’ll be competing against “straight” men and you shouldn’t assume they are bottoms.

One thing you have to be very, very aware of: You can go to jail for a long time for fucking an underage rent boy. All Thais are required to have their identity card on them, which lists their age, at all times.

\Before you have sex with any dude in Thailand, check their card and make sure they are of age. Many under 18 boys will lie to you about their age in order to get money from you. Do not fall into this trap.

When you first get to the city you will want to spend your evenings partying along Surawong Road – the capital of gay nightlife in this capital city. Many of the taverns, go-go bars and sexy discos are located in the infamous Boy Plaza where the action is hot and the boys are cool.

For it’s still true that many guys come to Thailand for one main reason – to meet and mingle with some of the many eligible Thai guys around town. Don’t be afraid to banish your inhibitions! This is Thailand, after all! What you do in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok after you return home, no matter who it is that you go down on and where you have fun.

Despite the city’s traffic problems, the good news for gay tourists is that most of the gay establishments are accessed relatively easily on the Skytrain (BTS) and subway (MRT) systems. For your first night out, you’ll probably want to aim for Soi Duangthawee (popularly known as Soi Twilight and so named after one of the original bars there – now called Hotmale). This is near the top of Suriwong Road at its junction with Rama 4 Road and almost directly across from the Wall Street Tower. Here is a veritable mélange of go-go bars (at least six and all with sexy shows late in the evening), open-air beer bars, massage places and the popular Dick’s Café where you can drink, dine and amaze yourself just watching all the non-stop activity in that soi.

The next major road down from Suriwong is Silom. Here head for the gay Soi 4 with its indoor and outdoor bistros where you can chill out and meet up with other cool guys! Soi 4 is very close to the Saladaeng Skytrain or the Silom subway stations. Still on Silom but closer to Rama 4 is the tiny Soi 2, which has a number of gay haunts, including the always-popular DJ Station disco where the dance floor is heaving with gorgeous shirtless bodies most nights. Once again, though, there is a dress code for access to that soi, and you have to be 21 or over. If you look anywhere under 40, make sure you take your passport!

Many gay tourists spend their afternoons or evenings at one of the city’s abundance of gay massage parlors. There are now so many of these in Bangkok that you need to be sure to keep an eye out on our forums for the latest up-to-date information. Remember that the price of the massage will not cover the cost of any extra services, so make sure you have enough cash for the tip.

Bangkok also has a thriving sauna scene spread over several areas around the city. Most will have heard of the popular Babylon just off Sathorn Soi 1. Be aware, however, that in many of the recently opened saunas further from the city centre, the clientele is largely Thai guys looking for other Thais or Asians. Our City Listings is the best place to check for much of this information.

Like any city, the hot spots in Bangkok come and go constantly. What’s popular today may be closed tomorrow and new places are popping up all the time. Once again, check before you go. Make a post of the Forum and one of our regular posters will always be happy to give you advice. And since you will certainly meet some new boy friends when you are out and about exploring the gay scene, don’t be afraid to ask them to give you advice on where else you should go.

Whether it’s bars, saunas, massage, shopping – the best thing about Bangkok is that it is ever changing. So you really need to keep a close look at this site for the latest information about the new and the not-so-new. For our part, we will do our best to keep this part of the site as updated as possible.

Drugs In Thailand

As a Westerner, you are apt to be offered to buy drugs multiple times while you are in Thailand. Don’t ever accept. While drugs are plentiful and cheap in Bangkok, you can go to some of the worst prisons in the world for long periods of time for even a small amount of drugs.

No matter how much you like cocaine, pot or tina, Bangkok is not the place to do it. Get high on cock, not on coke.

Sights And Scenes In Bangkok

There is plenty of stuff to do in Bangkok that has nothing to do with fucking. The Grand Palace is beautiful. Wat Pho has the world’s largest reclining Buddha. You’ll love the Golden Mount temple. Perhaps the most fun is taking a tour of Jim Thompson’s House; the master CIA operative built a gigantic mansion that is actually six traditional homes connected together.

The Grand Palace is the most popular tourist destination in the city. For centuries it was the residence of Thailand`s powerful kings. Make sure you take time to see the Reception Palace, the Funeral Palace, The Throne Hall and the beautiful revered Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Just be prepared; the Thais take their temples seriously and will not let you inside if you are wearing shorts or flip-flops.

If you want to be a little bit less active you can always take an overnight in a converted rice barge. The most popular cruises leave from Bangkok and travel to the ancient capital of Ayuthaya.

When you are done sightseeing Thailand offers nearly every type of cuisine from traditional Thai food to classic Western cuisine. No matter what your tastes, you should be able to satisfy your hunger before your night on the town!

Then afterward you can always get a massage, hit up another sauna, or rest up for another night with the go-go boys.

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